Introducing: Zintahn Touch of Magic
Zintahn The Magician x Shaw River Apache's Affaire
Born 29/8/13

I am super excited to introduce the first foal for my gorgeous homebred colt Zintahn The Magician. This adorable girl made her grand entrance at 4am on August 29. Bewitched is beautifully conformed,
with a very pleasing personality and super cute markings to boot! I could not be happier with the cross. Someone thought they were quite the comedian when they were painting her markings on as she has
what appears to be a smiley face on one side, a hound dog on the other and a tadpole on her face! These things make her all the more special and very unique.
Bewitched has been sold to Emma in Tasmania and I look forward to following their progress in years to come.