Introducing: Zintahn Debutante
Blackwood Springs Laredo x Amiriaal
Born 16/8/09

Debutante, AKA Tahnee is the first foal of the season here and what a way to start! She is everything I imagined this cross would be. She is a very tall, stylish and elegant young lady
with correct conformation and beautiful straight legs. She is very athletic and as her parentage suggests, I can see this girl having a very successful performance career in the future.
She is already showing a calm, accepting and friendly demeanour and is having a ball running rings around her mother in the stable. A hassle free birth, she was on her feet within
10 minutes and drinking soon after. Tahnee is 31.25% arabian, will be registered pinto and partbred arabian. Should mature around 15.3 - 16hh.
Now owned by Rob and Danni of NSW.

3 months old (below)

Tahnee 6 months old (below)

Tahnee 7 months old (below) - I brought her in for a bath and a bit of a makeover. Here she is before and after.

Video taken at 7 months old


Tahnee attended her first show on 5th April 2010 and was an absolute delight. She loaded perfectly on the float in the dark at 5am.
She travelled like an old pro! She never put a toenail out of place all day and I was a super proud mum!

Tahnee attended her second show on 27th April 2010 and once again was an absolute gem. Came home with Champion Pinto.
The show was running a bit behind schedule and as I had to get home for work we had to miss several of our classes :(

Pics taken at 9.5 months old - first trip to the beach.

Tahnee now resides in NSW and is owned by Danni and Rob. Pics at 18 months.