Introducing: Zintahn Elektra
Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Quintally Stardust
Born 4/11/09

This girl is a real dream come true. I am so excited about this young lady, she really is the loveliest foal. She is very pretty with a lovely dishy face, gorgeous swanny neck and lovely straight legs.
Elektra had a slight setback, becoming very sick from an infection at just 3 days old. I am happy to say that she has recovered and nearly back to being a normal foal.
She has been a model patient, standing unrestrained for her daily needles. I am really busting to see this girl as she grows and matures and develops into a beautiful mare.
Elektra is now owned by a lovely family in Tasmania.

Elektra 3 weeks old (below)

Photos below taken at 6 months old