Favourite Photos of Fanta

Proud mum moment :)

Pitstop at Campbelltown for a rest.


Fantas first outing with Kylie
29 June 2008 - Carlos Tabernaberri Clinic

Various photos of Fanta, thanks to Kylie for sending them to me.




Below you will find photos of Fanta being born


Getting ready notice the V'd look of Stars belly.
This shows the foal is in position and
getting ready to greet the world


Water has broken and the foals feet are protruding.


The hard work begins.


Half way out.


Phew - that was a big effort, but I AM OUT!


Star loves her new baby


Look at the pride on Stars face.


First kiss


Hello world!


First attempt to work out those legs!


First drink!


First frolic!


Fanta as a 2 year old

Fanta has been broken in and is doing well under saddle