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Zintahn Pinto Stud is a relatively small establishment striving to breed top quality part arabian pinto horses that will be suitable for all disciplines. My main
aims when breeding are: Conformation, temperament, type, movement, versatility, ability, trainability, and stamina. Temperament, is very high on my list of priorities
when breeding, as I believe that if a horse does not have a trainable, accepting temperament, then you will never get the best out of them. There is absolutely
no point in having the prettiest horse in the world if you can do nothing with it, which is why I strive to breed both beauty and brains.

I only have a small herd of mares, choosing to only breed a small number of quality foals per year. I nearly always have waiting lists for foals and it is a rare
occurrence if my foals are not sold within days/weeks of arriving. My mares are chosen for their temperament, conformation, rideability, trainability, personality and looks.

I am very hands-on with my horses and leading up to foaling my mares are monitored as much as humanly possible. My mares wear a foaling alarm when they are close to
foaling and I also partake in old-fashioned foal watch, keeping the alarm as a back-up only. I am pleased to say I have only missed 2 births since I started breeding
and I only missed them by mere minutes. I personally imprint each foal from birth, they are extensively handled (but not spoilt), and within their first week are taught to lead,
yield to pressure, pick up all 4 feet and load on the float. They have their hooves trimmed every 6 weeks, wormed every 6 weeks and are routinely vaccinated from
12 weeks of age. My mares nutrition is closely monitored, to make sure they are getting all the goodies that their bodies need while in foal and also when lactating.
The mares are also on a strict vaccination schedule.

I currently feed and recommend Natural Nutrition feeds. I have been feeding the Matriarch, Prolific, Micronised Barley and Micronised Lupins for a while now and am very impressed.
You can find out more about their feed by visiting

You can be assured that when buying a foal from Zintahn Pinto Stud you will be purchasing a top quality individual. If you see a horse on my website that interests you,
feel free to drop me a line. I am always happy to give ongoing support to purchasers and enjoy hearing feedback as your partnership progresses.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and please sign the guestbook on your way out.

Lisa Dolbel
Zintahn Pinto Stud
Ridgley, Tasmania
0407 058 291

The delightful Zintahn Casanova (2 weeks old)

Stud owner Lisa Dolbel with Zintahn Debutante and Zeus ZW


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