Broodmares play a very important role for any horse stud and should be treated with the utmost respect. Here at Zintahn, a strict worming, vaccination and hoof trimming regime is adhered to, as well as all mares being rugged through winter and their nutrition closely monitored. I believe that broodmares are the foundation of any stud and need to be looked after correctly to produce top quality foals that will ultimately go on to lead happy, healthy adult lives.

Quintally Stardust

Sire: Moravian Shalim (Purebred Arabian)
Dam: Indianna (Black and White Clydie Cross)
Black and White Tobiano, 15.1hh
Star is a very valued mare here at the stud, consistantly producing the quality I strive for. She is a magnificent fuss free horse and is a wonderful mother, who concieves
easily and produces big typey foals with very trainable temperaments. Star was put back under saddler in 2011 after 10 years in the broodmare paddock - her first show was
the Tasmanian Pinto Society State Show where she took out Supreme Champion Ridden and Newcomer. Unfortunately she injured herself and back to the broodmare paddock she went.
Star is in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - Due 6/12/13
Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Cleopatra - Black Filly
2012 - Zintahn Wish Upon a Star - Black and White Tobiano Filly
2009 - Zintahn Elektra - Bay and White Tobiano Filly
2008 - Zintahn Orion - Chestnut and White Tobiano Colt
2007 - Zintahn Fantasia - Chestnut and White Medicine Hat Tobero Filly
2006 - Zintahn Zodiac - Bay and White Tobiano Colt
2004 - Quintally Moonshine - Chestnut and White Tobiano Filly


Mirrimbah Park Sidoine

Sire: Wirrinya Yunerman (Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Dam: Suntara Shoshonee (Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Black and White, Homozygous Tobiano, 14.2hh
It is with great excitement that I introduce Sidonie. This mare is a dream come true, she absolutely exudes arabian type and flait. She has the most exquisite head
I have seen on a partbred in a long time. She is a joy to watch floating around the paddock, tail over her back, nostrils flared, eyes alert.
Unfortunately she sustained a nasty injury to her hind leg and will never be sound, however she now has the opportunity to make beautiful babies.
Sidonie is in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - Due 1/1/14
Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Heaven Sent - Black and White Tobiano Filly
2012 - Zintahn Dreamweava - Black and White Tobiano Colt
2010 - Zintahn The Magician - Bay and White Tobiano Colt


JA-Rob Cut n the Ice

Sire: JA-Rob Cut n the Mustard (Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Dam: JA-Rob Caarpreece (Purebred Arabian)
Chestnut and White, 87.5% arabian, Tobiano, 15hh and still growing
Lacey arrived in February 2010 and is truly a delight to own. She is a super sweet and gentle filly. A very typey high % part arabian with movement to burn.
Lacey was shown extensively during late 2010 and I could not be more proud of her and what she has achieved, she certainly has a promising future ahead of her!
Lacey has proven herself as a valuable broodmare producing an absolutely exquisite filly to Dancer and an outstanding black tobiano filly to Felix.

Lacey is in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - Due 29/11/13
Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Ice Angel - Bay and White Tobiano Filly
2012 - Zintahn Fantasy on Ice - Black and White Tobiano Filly

2011 - Zintahn Dancin' on Ice - Bay and White Tobiano Filly


Shaw River Apache's Affaire

Sire: Meadow View Apache (AKA Mustang Lodge El Paso) (Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Dam: River Oak Affaire (Purebred Arabian)
Chestnut and White, 75% arabian, Tobiano, approx 15hh.
Another exciting addition to the stud. After meeting Mustang Lodge El Paso in the flesh years ago I vowed that I would one day own one of his daughters, that day arrived when Salli came into my life!.
She is such a lovely girl, very leggy and elegant. she is charismatic, with lots of snort and arabian flair, a real joy to watch in the paddoc with her tail flipped over her back and a lovely
spring in her step! Salli has had 2 beautiful bay tobiano fillys to Dancer and a gorgeous chestnut tobiano filly to Merlin. I am extremely pleased with the resulting foals!.
Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Touch of Magic - Chestnut and White Tobiano Filly
2011 - Zintahn The Temptress - Bay and White Tobiano Filly

2010 - Zintahn Seductress - Bay and White Tobiano Filly


Camelot Ladyhawk

Sire: Duco Golden Illusion (Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Dam: Camelot Painted Gold (Palomino Overo)
Palomino and White, 37.5% arabian, Tobero, approx 15hh
Lucy is a beautiful pally and white tobero mare who I saw advertised for sale as a weanling. Unfortunately I was unable to purchase her at that stage, but she was purchased
by a friend of mine a little later down the track. I have kept track of her over the years and it is with great delight that I was able to take the opportunity to have her in my paddocks.
She is a lovely soft and gentle girl, very willing to please. She has lovely conformation and fabulous expressive mov
Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Love Potion - Bay and White Tobero Filly
2012 - Zintahn Masquerade - Palomino and White Tobero Filly


Spring Plains Finn R Lee

Sire: Spring Plains Gorgeous George (Buckskin Pinto Partbred Arabian)
Dam: Spring Plains Baby Belle (Brown Partbred Arabian)
Buckskin and White, 25% arabian, overo, approx 15-15.1hh
Finny is a very striking buckskin and white overo mare with good bone and lots of substance. She is built for riding and will make a fabulous saddle horse in the future.
She is a very sweet girl and has a soft and obliging temperament. She is well put together and has lovely movement.

Foals to Date
2013 - Zintahn Sinatra - Smokey black colt

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