November 2013

3/11/13 - Camelot Ladyhawk foaled a very unique and adorable bay tobero filly

October 2013

22/10/13 - Zintahn Wish Upon a Star left for her new home in Victoria. What a good baby she is, she loaded up like a pro and travelled really well.

August 2013

29/8/13 - Shaw River Apache's Affaire foaled a gorgeous chestnut tobiano filly

May 2013

Zintahn Pinto Stud is expecting 6 very exciting foals in 2013.

April 2013

Zintahn Fantasy on Ice is now in her new home in Victoria with Peter. Thanks Peter for the lovely photo.

December 2012

17/12/2012 - Well not quite the trifecta of black and white fillies, but Mirrimbah Park Sidoine delivered a super cute black tobiano colt by Cherox Alaa Alii.

4/12/2012 - Quintally Stardust presented me with an amazing black tobiano filly by Cherox Alaa Alii.

November 2012

24/11/2012 - Ja-Rob Cut n the Ice delivered the most exquisite and super typey black tobiano filly by Cherox Alaa Alii.

October 2012

28/10/2012 - Camelot Ladyhawk has delivered the most amazing palomino and white tobero filly. She is mum's mini me! She is 68.75% arabian and super colourful.

24/10/2012 - Arinya Park Kishaa has presented me with a stunning typey bay and white tobiano colt. He is 75% arabian and full of flair.

April 2012

8/4/2012 - Amiriaal and Temptress travelled with RnV Horse Transport to their new home in NSW.

March 2012

The 3 foals have been weaned and are learning what it is like to be a grown up. Spider (left) and Temptress (right) will soon make their way to their new homes. Tilly (middle) is being retained.

February 2012

Mirrimbah Park Sidoine is preg tested in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - due 20/12/2012
Foal will be 68.75% arabian and is guaranteed to be black and white.

Quintally Stardust is preg tested in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - due 8/12/2012
Foal will be 75% arabian and it will either be black and white, or solid black.

Ja-Rob Cut n the Ice is preg tested in foal to Cherox Alaa Alii - due 7/12/2012
Foal will be 93.75% arabian and it will either be black and white, bay and white, solid black or solid bay.

Arinya Park Kishaa is preg tested in foal to Alliewag Dances with Wolves - due 18/10/2012
Foal will be 75% arabian and it will either be bay and white, chestnut and white, solid bay or solid chestnut.

Camelot Ladyhawk is preg tested in foal to Valley Springs Tamaan - due 14/10/2012
Foal will be 68.75% arabian and will be palomino and white, chestnut and white, solid palomino or solid chestnut.
As Lucy is a tobero (carried both tobiano and overo) the foal, if pinto, could be tobiano, overo or tobero.

January 2012

22/1/12 - Ja-Rob Cut n the Ice and her gorgeous daughter Zintahn Dancin' on Ice attended the State Pinto Show and did very well.

October 2011

28th October - I purchased the stunning black purebred arabian stallion Cherox Alaa Alii. An exciting addition to the stud!

23rd October - Amy (Amiriaal) foaled an lovely bay and white tobiano colt at 1.30am. His name is Zintahn The Admiraal.

21st October - An outside mare, Shimmer (bay) has foaled a gorgeous bay filly by Dancer.

19th October - An outside mare, Aint I a Diva (bay overo) has foaled a lovely bay and white tobiano filly by Dancer.

9th October - Lacey (Ja-Rob Cut n the Ice) foaled an exquisite bay and white tobiano filly at 2am. Her name is Zintahn Dancin' on Ice.

2nd October - Merlin and Star attended the Burnie Ag Show.

2nd October - Salli (Shaw River Apache's Affaire) foaled a beautiful bay and white tobiano filly at 1am. Her name is Zintahn The Temptress.

September 2011

18th September - Merlin (Zintahn The Magician) made his showing debut and what a good boy he was! He handled it all like a professional! Thanks to Sarah for running him out for me.

August 2011

Congratulations to Krystal Creek Arabians on the birth of their palomino and white pinto filly. Krystal Creek purchased Roxy Hart from me and she travelled up to NSW in foal to Dancer.

July 2011

My girls Lacey and Star have both done so well this year and the results from the Pinto Hi Points are in. I am so proud of their achievements. Thanks so much to my friend Sarah for showing the girls for me.
Stars wins are Hi Point Mare Over 4 Years, Runner Up Ridden Hack and Newcomer!
Laceys wins are Hi Point Filly 2-3 Years, Best Marked, Runner Up Junior Performance and . . . . OVERALL HI POINT PINTO!!!!

June 2011

14June 2011, it is with great sadness that I write this. I had to make a tough decision and let my beautiful Opal go to greener pastures. She has been a huge part of my life and I miss her terribly.
In the early years Opal was my riding horse, then going on to breed my first foal. She has been an absolute joy to have throughout the years and was my heart horse. We shared many happy times together
and whilst letting her go was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do, it was the right thing to do for her. So long my friend, until we meet again.

May 2011

Roxy Hart has been sold to Krystal Creek Arabians. She is in foal to Dancer and due mid September! She left here for her big journey on 5th May.

Star was involved in a costume display for Tas Arabs at Agfest. Thanks to Sarah for taking her along. It was only Stars 2nd time out under saddle and 2nd time actually wearing the costume.
In typical Star fashion she took it all in her stride, she never lets me down! So proud of her!

January 2011

Star and Lacey competed at the Tasmanian Pinto Society State Show. Star was a last minute addition to the show team, she has been living the life of luxury in the
broodmare paddock for 10 years and she literaly only had 3 weeks work before the show so you can imagine our surprise and delight when she took out Supreme Ridden
and also Newcomer. She also did well in the led coming home with Champion mare. Lacey was Champion filly 2-3 years. Big Big thanks goes to Sarah Wells for all her work with my girls.

December 2010

Lacey is preg tested in foal to Dancer - due 10/10/2011

Salli is preg tested in foal to Dancer - due 17/10/2011 - Foal will be a full sibling to Zintahn Seductress

Amy is preg tested in foal to Dancer - due 24/10/2011

November 2010

15/11/2010 - Congratulations to Jacqui Reid on the arrival of a beautiful bay filly - Archerville Jazz Dancer

10/11/2010 - Congratulations to Krystal Reid on the arrival of this spunky young man - Archerville Wishmaster

October 2010

22/10/2010 - Congratulations to Jess Board/Jacqui Reid on the arrival of a lovely chestnut filly, Archerville Vintage Couture

15/10/2010 - Sidonie finally foaled, 3 and a half weeks overdue! Meet her beautiful baby, Zintahn The Magician, AKA Merlin.

Congratulations to Ally McLaren and her mare Kashima Diamond on the birth of a beautiful bay filly by Dancer on 13th October 2010.

JA-Rob Cut n the Ice ather first show for the season. Champion Junior Pinto.

September 2010

23/9/10 - Salli foaled a very elegant bay and white tobiano filly. Meet Zintahn Seductress. Click on her pic to go to her page.

10/9/10 - Roxy foaled a gorgeous bay and white tobiano filly. Meet Zintahn Pandora. Click on her pic to go to her page.

9/9/10 - Zintahn Elektra left home, bound for her new home in Hobart. I wish the David, Krysia and Samantha all the best with her. I am sure she will make you happy!.

August 2010

2 of the ladies in waiting Salli (Shaw River Apache's Affaire) and Sidonie (Mirrimbah Park Sidoine), the countdown is on! Foals due mid September.

July 2010

18/7/2010 - Zeus does it again, this time taking out Champion FW and then going onto win Supreme horse!!

11/7/2010 - Zeus attended his first show winning his colt class and going on to win reserve champion against senior stallions! Isnt he looking fabulous, pictured here at only 9 months of age!
Congratulations to Kylie on his achievements so far, I am sure there will be many more to come and look forward to following his career!

June 2010

1/6/2010 - Zeus and Tahnee head off on a big adventure to their new homes in NSW.

April 2010

26/4/10 - Took Zintahn Debutante (AKA Tahnee) to the APSB Youngstock Show.
In the pinto ring she received
1st - foal/weanling
1st - best body marked
1st - best Tas bred
2nd - best presented
and last but not least - Champion Pinto
Unfortunately due to time constraints I had to leave to go home and I missed several other classes.

March 2010

1/3/2010 - Diva, now owned by Pat Gillespie is away at school being broken in. I popped over to the breakers for a visit after her first week there to see how she is going.
What a lovely kind girl, working beautifully. I am sure she is going to be a lovely riding mount for Pat.

February 2010

25/2/2010 - Some bad news today. Sadly Finnigans mother Ebony (Snow Praire) had a very bad colic episode and she passed away. Young Finnigan only 2 weeks old and needing a mum.
My mare Amiriaal is a great mum and feeds the other foals in the paddock, so I offered her for the job. We figured it was worth a try and if it didnt work, nothing would be lost.
I am pleased and proud to say that Amy is just amazing. I weaned her 6 month old foal Tahnee on the Saturday morning and we introduced young Finnigan around 2pm Saturday afternoon.
She fed him straight away, but wasnt sure about having him mingling around annoying her. We kept them in separate yards and would let them in together for feeds every 3 hours.
Day 2 they spent an hour or so out in the big yard munching on grass, but there was not a very strong bond at this point in time. She would let him feed but didnt really care for him much.
Day 3 they spent a good few hours in the paddock and things went swimmingly! We were on a winner! We decided they were fine to go home so on the float they went and it seems to be a match
made in heaven. From all reports I receive Amy is acting like as if he is her son, standing over him while he sleeps and not having to be aided at all with drinking! What a wonderful mare she is!

The above photos were taken 2 days after Amy first met Finnigan! It was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

27/2/10 - Tahnee weaned - she was an absolute champion, very easy and stress free weaning.

12/2/2010 - Outside mare Snow Praire (16.3hh Black TB) has had her foal by Larry, he has been named Finnigan. This is the last mare Larry served before he was gelded. What a finale!
After a troublesome pregnancy he made his new mum wait even longer, arriving 4 weeks past his dute date. He was certainly worth the wait though, congratulations Seainin!

It is with great excitement that I announce my newest addition. She has travelled down from NSW and I am delighted with her.
Meet JA-Rob Cut n the Ice - 87.5% arabian filly

January 2010

16/1/2010 - Outside mare Wyndalla Moonlight Dancer (AKA Splash) has had her foal. A pintaloosa colt, he is exhibiting characteristics
of both bay tobiano and also a snowflake appaloosa pattern! Congratulations to his breeders on a magnificent result!
Click here to go to his page.

Zintahn Kissaya Update
Now 3 years old, it was just lovely to be sent this update on how Kissaya is coming along. Merry, her owner is doing an absolutely superb job with her.
Its lovely to see a young horse working so kindly and softly. Way to go Merry!

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