News prior to 2010

November 2009

Positive Pregnancy Tests for all 3 girls!

Roxy Hart is in foal to Robali Dargeeling - due 18/9/2010

Mirrimbah Park Sidoine is in foal to Lauralyn Bay Magic - due 23/9/2010
Shaw River Apache's Affaire is in foal to Alliewag Dances with Wolves - due 26/9/2010

4/11/2009 - and last but not least, Star presented me with the most gorgeous bay tobiano filly!!!!!
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2/11/2009 - Aria has foaled the most gorgeous black tobiano half friesian colt!
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October 2009

9/10/2009 - Reena has had foal! A gorgeous chestnut tobiano colt
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August 2009

16/8/2009 - First foal of the season and what better way to start than with a chestnut and white tobiano filly!
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July 2009

Shaw River Apachie's Affaire (AKA Salli) has arrived and I am very happy with her. She is very tall and elegant with
movement to burn! So far she has been a total sweetheart to do anything with and is very gentle and accepting of new things.
See mares page for her breeding details. (Sorry about the rug, too cold to take it off, will get new pics in Spring)

Aurora has gone to her new home in Victoria - luckily she had much better sailing conditions than Orion.

15 July 2009 - photos of the mums to be! Not long to go now.

June 2009

30 June 2009 - Orion has left for his new home in Warrnambool with his lovely new mum Casey.
Orion left Tassie in disgusting weather conditions, gale force winds and terribly rough seas but true to his temperament he was not fussed by any of it and coped remarkably well.
He arrived 3 days later in Warrnambool and is living the life of luxury being stabled at nights and out in the paddock playing all day with his new big brother Maestro.

May 2009

Mirrimbah Park Sidoine has arrived and she is a dream come true.
A genuinely beautiful mare, full of promise and potential. A very exciting and valuable addition to the stud.
NEWSFLASH! - Sidonie has tested HOMOZYGOUS for the tobiano gene!

April 2009

11 April 2009 - Casanova made the long journey to his new home in Hobart. He travelled like the true little champion he is and got off at the other
end as if he had been there all his life. He takes everything in his stride and is such a laidback guy.

10 April 2009 - See the mares page for this exciting arrival! Mirrimbah Park Sidoine.

February 2009

Blackwood Springs Laredo has been sold to a lovely family on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
I wish them the best of luck with him and I am sure they will have a wonderful future together.

December 2008

Congratulations to Jacqui and Krystal on their new foals.
Bay and white tobiano filly born on 14/12/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Shasalina Esteem Amirra
Bay and white tobiano colt born on 19/12/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Coraliegh Poppy

Zintahn Ariadne is in foal to Remus Van Berkley of Wallbrook Stud - due 16/10/2009
Quintally Stardust is in foal to Alliewag Dances with Wolves - due 15/10/2009
Free Spirit Camelot is in foal to Alliewag Dances with Wolves - due 15/10/2009
Talarren Tarreena is in foal to Blackwood Springs Laredo - due 26/9/2009
Amy is in foal to Blackwood Springs Laredo - due 21/8/2009

November 2008

Congrats to Jenny and Aimee on their new arrival!
Bay and white tobiano colt born on 28/11/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Sandy

October 2008

Beautiful big chestnut tobiano colt born on 29/10/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Quintally Stardust.

Awesome chestnut tobiano colt born on 12/10/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Free Spirit Camelot.

3rd October 2008 - Zintahn Lil Diva wins Champion Junior at Burnie Ag Show

September 2008

Beautiful palomino tobiano filly born on 10/9/08 - Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Roxy Hart

August 2008

The expectant mums are at the new property and are absolutely blossoming. Roxy Hart, due first already has a neat little udder and should go close to her due date I think. The other 2 are not showing any signs as yet.

June 2008

On Saturday 21 June, I suspected there might be something wrong with Opal. It was just a feeling, not sure what made me feel that way, but I ended up
doing a walk of the paddock and was saddened to find an aborted bay and white foal. Only 12 weeks away from due date. After checking all the mares out thoroughly, I am sure that it is
Opals as she had a slight discharge in her tail. There are no other signs that she has had a foal, but I am sure that it is hers. RIP little one.

May 2008

I made the decision to sell my property a couple of months ago, and I am moving in early August. The stud will be located in Ridgley, Tasmania.
Lots of work to be done to the new place to get it set up for foaling season which is an early one this year, with the first foal due on 24th September.

Fanta is now in Hobart with her lovely owner Kylie Hutcheon. She has settled in extremely well.

March 2008

Took Larry (Blackwood Springs Laredo) to the Wynyard Show for the breed section. His first show since he was a 2yo and he placed
1st in his stallion class and went on to win Champion Senior Pinto. I am very proud of him, it was a big ask and he passed with flying colours.

January 2008

I am very excited to announce the purchase of the 16hh chestnut and white tobiano stallion Blackwood Springs Laredo
from my friends Louise and Neville McNeair of Blackwood Springs Arabians and Pintos. I cannot wait for him to arrive. See him on the stallions page.

Diva (Blackwood Springs Laredo x Carinya Park Opalite) had an outing to the State Pinto Show this month and did exceptionally well
for her 2nd ever show. She won her yearling futurity class and Reserve Champion Junior filly, went on to have placings in most classes throughout the day.

Mares served by Alliewag Dances with Wolves for 2008 foals

Roxy Hart - preg tested in foal - due 24/9/08

Carinya Park Opalite - preg tested in foal - due 30/9/08

Free Spirit Camelot - preg tested in foal - due 1/10/08

Quintally Stardust - preg tested in foal - due 22/10/08.

November 2007

5th November - Quintally Stardust (Star) has foaled a striking medicine hat filly by Anawa Mahuska. I have named her Zintahn Fantasia and she is a
full sibling to Zodiac from last year, you couldnt get more complete opposites if you tried - grin!

7th November - Springfield Park Tiara (Casey) has foaled an exquisite black and white tobiano filly to the Friesian stallion Eitsje!
I have named this gorgeous girl Zintahn Zikaysha.

Very happy with both foals this year, they are so different from each other but both as lovely as can be!
They are extremely friendly and willing, halter lessons are a breeze, they just enjoy learning.

Stars foal has been purchased by Kylie Hutcheon of Hobart, destined for a future in endurance.
She will certainly stand out from the crowd and I will miss her cute, cheeky face when she goes!

21st November - Just when things seemed to be going so well, Zikaysha came down very quickly with a mystery illness that did not
respond to any medical treatment
and she slowly slipped away. RIP my baby girl, what a criminal shame to lose a baby so beautiful.

September 2007

I sent DNA samples off to America for the new mares and Roxy Hart is Homozygous for the Tobiano gene which means she will have 100% pinto foals!!!

August 2007

2 new mares have been purchased for Dancer. Freespirit Camelot, sired by the lovely Warlords Hellter Skellter (dec) and out of a pinto partbred arabian mare named Rondoro Semele.
Camelot was successful as a show horse, then went on to try her hooves at polocrosse before being put in foal and producing an extremely eleagant and refined chestnut tobiano filly for her previous owner/breeder.

Roxy Hart is a buckskin and white mare, a little smaller in stature than Camelot but a lovely little package all the same. She is broken to saddle but hasnt had a whole lot of experience under her belt.
She too has had a chestnut and white filly for her previous owner.

March 2007

A new chapter for Zintahn with the arrival of a bay and white partbred arabian stallion named Alliewag Dances with Wolves (see stallion page). He came to me from Orrbrae Arabians and Pintos in NSW. A huge thanks to Billie and Kurt for allowing me the pleasure of owning this fabulous boy. He has captured the hearts of everyone who meets him, with his funny antics and lovable nature, he really is a kid at heart. I look forward to seeing his offspring.